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Naruto Senki APK v1.17

Naruto Senki APK Download v1.1.7

Naruto Senki 1.17 APK is one arcade game android for play on android devices. game Naruto Senki released by developer zakume in beta, this game had the quality of graphics that can be said is pretty good and backed up with a very interesting gameplay that will keep you hooked to play this game. There are an awful lot of characters that are available in this game, not just naruto but you can also use other characters like: Itachi, Sasuke, pain or the other. All the characters in the game Naruto Senki 1.17 have the special abilities of each and the same kick-kick the case with movies of naruto.

Naruto Battle Senki system v 1.17 APK:
Training Mode: in this mode you can choose one of the many ninja characters are available. and in the battle later on you will be accompanied by two people chosen at random ninja to fight enemies with the same amount (3 vs 3)

Hardcore Mode: in this mode you can not only choose your whiz, but you can also choose two ninja who will accompany you in the battle. and opponents who will dilawanya any harder than training mode.

How to Unlock/Unlock Hardcore Mode Naruto Senki 1.17 Without MOD:
To unlock the hardcore mode you need to win the battle as much as ten times with at least three characters.

Good character is used in Naruto Senki v 1.17:
  1. Minato (fourth Hokage)
  2. Tobirama Senju
  3. Sasuke uciha
  4. Hiruzen Sarutobi

what's new :
  • The new Naruto Senki 1.17:
  • The new character "Hiruzen Sarutobi"
  • The new character "Kiba Inuzuka" (to open the character kiba must play Online)

requirements : android 2.3.3 and up

Naruto Senki v1.1.7 Apk :

Naruto Senki APK v1.17
File size : 100 MB


Naruto Shippuden Senki Apk Mod v2.0 Update Terbaru Mod Skill + Unlocked

Download Naruto Mod Apk Terbaru Unlocked Skill Mod | Naruto Senki adalah salah satu game android yang terkenal dan diminati oleh pengguna android saat sekarang ini. Pada kesempatan Kali ini Dunia Android Blog akan membagikan salah satu Game Android terbaik yaitu naruto senki mod apk 2.0.

Naruto Senki adalah sebuah Game yang di Angkat dari film Anime sudah sangat terkenal yaitu Naruto. Game Naruto senki ini merupakan versi game yang telah modifikasi. dengan versi mod ini anda akan lebih seru dan mudah untuk memainkannya di perangkat Android kamu. Bagi Anda yang suka bermain game Naruto Senki silahkan coba game naruto senki versi mod ini . Anda akan mendapatkan game yang menyenangkan dan menampilkan banyak karakter baru yang menarik untuk dimainkan. Silahkan langsung saja download dan instal naruto senki mod apk di Android anda secara gratis.

Naruto Shippuden Senki Apk Mod v2.0 Update Terbaru

Game Naruto Shippuden Senki Info :
Name : Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm APK
Version : 2.0
Size : 100 MB
Upload : 25 Oktober 2015
Requirements : Android Ice Cream Sandwich and UP

Naruto Senki Hack Mod Game Info :
  • Skill + Hardcore Battle Unlocked

Features of Naruto Shippuden Senki :
  • Rinnegan Rikudou Naruto: replace the animal path
  • Deidara ET: clincher the new but Chinese people who make
  • Menma: replace the asura path
  • Hashirama Mokuryu: replace the Garaa
  • Minato Biju mode: has china, but remake
  • Rinnegan Naruto Biju Mode: replace the Deva path
  • Itachi with Naruto: Time of make the Susano Naruto out
  • Sasuke the last: Have the Guntur With Already Caves Remake
  • Naruto 4 tails: replace the Jiraiya
  • Raikage:
  • Sasori: Ilham Ahmad, with the dolls
  • Killer bee: replace Kakashi, By Kirana
  • Kakuzu: Ilham ahmad
  • Killer Bee: replace Kimimaro
  • Minato anbu: This has forgotten who, already cave remake
  • Naruto Menma Bijuu Mode: replace naruto and when using Rasenshuriken turn into Menma
  • Nagato ET: Have Sensei in china
  • Mokuton Neji: This has forgotten who
  • Naruto Six path: already Fix, Special Jutsu Rasengan Amaterasu
  • Naruto Rinnegan mode: Replace Pain
  • Yamato: Already in FIX
  • Akatsuki Sasuke: Somewhat bad: because the trigger rush
  • Obito With masked: By Newbie Selamanya
  • Madara Rikudo: Have Newbie Selamanya

Cara Install Naruto Shippuden Senki Apk Mod :
  1. Download Apk
  2. Maasuk ke menu Setting > Security > Cek list Unknown source/sumber tidak diketahui
  3. Install Apk
  4. Maiankan game nya.

Download Naruto Shippuden Senki mod apkv2.0 update terbaru :

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod Full Version for Free

Free Download Mod Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Full Version | Update the latest version of android games this time comes with fun and challenging adventure games on android. Moreover, if not Minecraft Pocket Edition. Who does not know this game fun, Minecraft is one game for Android which is pretty simple, simple and also quite creative and fun. Minecraft Games offers a game of berpetualangan and also collect items and build something that can be played with ease.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod

These games are more narrow and also have fewer enemies if compared to the PC version. This of course as one form of customization of android devices. For the fashion of this game do not differ great ly. And There are several modes such as Survival, Creative Mode to multiplayer games.

Minecraft game Pocket Edition random will give the new world consists only of wood, stone and sand until some other minerals. Display simple picture that became the hall mark of Minecraft it self still present in this game. And there are beams that can be used to create some things in accordance with the imagination. This facility that is rarely found in the game. On the mode of Survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and  beams must be beaten first before in carry. This process of course takes time and also considerable power. And The results of this exertion that makes Survival mode was quite sought after. In this game there are also time itself will distinguish day and night. When the night, evil beings will start popping up. The instinct to save yourself of course will appear in order to survive

In the game Minecraft Pocket Edition is indeed more memorable narrow when compared to the PC version and also console. There is a wall that is not seen around the game thus limiting players to move. While the multiplayer mode that is provided is also less attractive due to the distance to each other. The process of making the stuff in the game Minecraft Pocket Edition is also quite simple. Just simply tap on certain goods that will be directly on the column item. Control of this game is also quite simple. While the Creative mode in this mode will provide the amount of material that has no limits. So no need to dizzy the amount of material will be exhausted.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod

whats new on v0.15.0:
Many bug fixed !
More water watery
Foggier looked fog
Even more particles than previously
Tinted lighting on the field and mass
Improved performance on many devices
Fence More ! More fence gate ! Everyone loves fencing

Mod Game Info :
1. Unlocked premium skins
1. Unlocked premium skins
2. Unlimited breath
3. No damage mod
4. Max Inventory Size
5. 1 hit kill with weapons
6. Infinite furnace fire
7. Max score
8. Indestructible Tools
Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod :

Password :

Flappy Bird 1.3 APK

Already know that Flappy Bird again marak-maraknya right? Do not imagine that thisBird Flappy as Angry Birds, very far away. I myself do not think that games like thisbecome very famous. One of the games with the android platform was created bydeveloper origin of Viet Nam. Very simple game for once even too fancy if arguablysimpler.

Uniquely, the game belongs to this new influx has given to the maker of 600 millionper day. Revenue comes from ads that appear when the game is played. It is revealed that will not add to the number of ads though very popular gamers because theFlappy Bird has reached a level where if plus ads then it will reduce the quality of thegame itself.

The first time I tried, I was astonished. How not, fans of the game just as I am very apktrouble playing it because it is the level of difficulty is very high once the Bird Flappy, even as new games to run. You simply touch the screen to fly bird berkali and avoidthe pipes from above and below. So, terbangkan si Flappy the pipeline pass through.

Flappy Bird 1.3 APK

Download Flappy Bird 1.3 Apk :

Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Apk

Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Apk
Download Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Apk for Android
Subway Surfers World Tour Miami adalah salah sastu game android yang banyak digemari saat ini. gaya permainan subway surfers ini adalah berlari dan hampir sama dengan permainan despicable me - Minnion Rush. kumpulkan sebanyak banyaknya coin.

game ini berawal dari seorang anak kecil yang jahil. ia suka mencoret-coret badan kereta api dengan cat piloks. jika diperhatikan memang anak kecil seperti ini jahil tapi dia hanya salah menempatkan kreasinya itu.

kisah dari game subway surfers world ini yaitu ketika polisi melihat kelakuan anak kecil yang nakal tadi, maka polisi-polisi ini mengejar anak kecil tersebut dengan anjing-anjing. anak-anak kecil ini pun tidak mau kalah dan berlari melawan arah kereta api yang sedang melaju dengan kecepatan tinggi.

fitur dari game subwat surfers world tour miami ini yaitu bagus nya visual efek yang diberikan dan berbagai macam efek 3dimensi seperti adanya jetpack yang digunakan untuk terbang dan keluar asapa jetpack berbentuk seperti pelangi sehingga menimbulkan seperti tentara angkatan udara yang sedang berateraksi.

Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Apk

Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Apk

Download game Android Subway Surfers World Tour Miami full