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Download Pokemon Go Xposed APK v1.7 Update Terbaru

Pokemon GO Xposed versi Terbaru | Pokemon GO Exposed ini dapat anda gunakan untuk memainkan game Pokemon GO tanpa berjalan didunia nyata. cukup menggunakan navigasi dan karakter pokemon GO anda akan berjalan dengan sendirinya.

Pokemon Go Xposed APK v1.7 Update Terbaru

Sejak beberapa bulan kemarin akhirnya salah satu game android yang paling ditunggu-tunggu oleh pecinta game yaitu Pokemon Go telah resmi ada di Negara Indonesia ini sehingga kita tidak perlu mencari link ataupun mendownload game Pokemon GO tersebut, anda cukup membuka playstore dan sudah dapat langsung mendownload game Pokemon GO tersebut secara langsung di Google playstore yang merupakan tempat download semua aplikasi resmi android.

Pokemon Go adalah salah satu permainan yang dibuat oleh Niantic, Inc. Game Pokemon GO ini berbasis augmented reality yang berarti memungkinkan penggunanya untuk menangkap, melatih, dan menukar serta dapat mempertarungkan setiap karakter-karakter Pokemon GO yang terdapat didalam telepon di setiap tempat dalam dunia nyata ini.

Selain itu, untuk menemukan pokemon yang anda cari, pokeball dan juga item lainnya yang terdapat di game ini anda harus berjalan mencari pokestop yang terdekat di daerah tempat anda berada,dan pada kesempatan ini blog dunia android akan memberikan aplikasi Pokemon GO dengan Xposed Pokemon yang merupakan suatu tool yang memungkinkan anda tidak perlu lagi berjalan keluar rumah untuk mencari pokemon ataupun pokestop serta Gym yang ada pada game Pokemon GO ini tetapi anda hanya tinggal mengatahkan joystik virtual sehingga karakter bisa berjalan sendiri sesuai kemauan anda. Aplikasi ini juga dapat anda gunakan untuk teleport ke berbagai negara luar untuk mencari pokemon yang anda inginkan.

Info tentang Pokemon GO Xposed :
Name : Xposed Module Installer
System Requirements : Android 4.0 and UP
File Size : 2 MB

Syarat untuk menggunakan Pokemon GO Xposed :
  • Android anda harus sudah di Rooting
  • Xposed Pokemon Module
  • Xposed Framework
  • Game Pokemon Go Apk : Download Pokemon GO APK

Download Pokemon GO Xposed APK Versi Terbaru :
Password :

Download Pokemon Go APK Terbaru Gratis v0.29.0

Download Pokemon Go Gratis Terbaru APK Android | Pokemon Go adalah game android yang sedang booming akhir-akhir ini. game ini sangat ditunggu-tunggu oleh banyak orang khusunya pecinta game android. Pada kesempatan kali ini dunia android blog ingin kembali membagikan Game Android yang sangat populer saat sekarang ini yaitu Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go di kembangkan oleh Niantic, Inc. game ini belum bisa di nikmati di seluruh negar-negara di dunia jika di download melalui Google play store. Tetapi  anda bisa instal File Apk pokemon go nya dan langsung bisa memainkan game petualangan online ini di perangkat android kamu.

Download Pokemon Go APK Terbaru Gratis

Game Pokemon Go ini adalah game yang masih versi original di google playstore. Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Pikachu, telah ditemukan dan tugas anda adalah menemukan pokemon yang lainnya. Silahkan Langsung saja jika anda ingin memulai untuk berpetualang mencari dan menemukan Pokémon-pokemon lainnya silahkan download dan install secara gratis game Pokemon Go nya pada postingan ini. Untuk dapat memainkan Game Pokemon Go ini, Android yang anda gunakan harus sudah Memiliki Fungsi GPS, Kamera Depan, Android OS 4.4 keatas, memiliki RAM minimal 2 GB supaya lancar saat memainkan game ini.

Pokemon Go game Info :
Name : Pokemon GO Apk
Game mode : Online
Requirements : Android 4.4 And UP
Size : 58 MB
Upload file : 08 Juli 2016

Download Pokemon Go APK Terbaru Gratis v0.29.0

  • Pokemon Go ini adalah free-to-play & menawarkan pembelian dalam game. Hal ini dioptimalkan untuk smartphone dan bukan untuk tablet.
  • Kompatibilitas tidak dijamin untuk perangkat tanpa kemampuan G P S atau perangkat yang hanya terhubung ke jaringan WiFi.
  • Kompatibel dengan perangkat smartphone Android yang mempunyai RAM 2GB ketas dan memiliki Android Versi 4,4-6,0.
  • Kompatibilitas dengan perangkat tablet tidak dijamin.
  • Tidak kompatibel dengan perangkat Android yang menggunakan processor Intel Atom.
  • Anda disarankan untuk bermain sambil terhubung ke jaringan untuk mendapatkan informasi lokasi yang akurat.
  • Aplikasi ini tidak dapat berjalan pada perangkat tertentu dan bahkan jika mereka memiliki versi OS yang kompatibel terpasang.
  • Informasi Kompatibilitas game ini dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu.
  • Silahkan kunjungi situs untuk informasi kompatibilitas tambahan.

Cara Install Pokemon Go Apk Android :
  1. Download file APk
  2. Kemudian masuk ke  menu Setting > Security > ceklist Unknown Source/Sumber tidak diketahui
  3. Instal File apk pokemon go hingga selesai
  4. Buka gamenya.
  5. Selesai

Download Pokemon GO APK Free Terbaru :

(Full Unlimited) Download Dragon Land v2.5.5 Mod APK

Dragon Land Mod APK v2.5.5 | Dragon Land is one of the Adventure genre with android Games for Android devices that are currently still recently heard by the Gamers. in this game, with a Dragon on the island where it is set during the trip we will be met with a lot of enemies that must be faced, if we win can open the Dragon
previously locked.

Download Dragon Land v2.5.5 Mod APK

It is a glimpse of the story in the game Dragon Land Apk, on this postingna DuniaAndroid Blog will share the Dragon Land Mod Apk V 2.5.5 update, so all dragons are already open and direct you can use without having to complete the missions to unlock the dragons are still locked. for those of you who've ever play the Game of Dragon City, try playing Dragon Land by comparison.
Gaming dragon land is also already supported 3D graphics quality is pretty good. Dragon Land can be played Offline or Online. So if you do not have an internet connection can still play this Game. and besides the Dragon Land Game can also be played in Multiplayer, interesting isn't it? You can invite friends to play with in the game play of dragon land.

The Game features Dragon Land Apk:
1. Campaign Mode: play more than 100 levels full of awards and items for you found
2. Dozens of Unique Dragon: they all have different skill sets
3. Increase the Level of the Dragon you guys
4. The secret Level: find the key to open the item
5. Fast play: one hit, the level of which is not limited to

What's New on V2.5.5:
General Performance Improvement
Bugs Fixed

Download Dragon Land v2.5.5 Mod APK

Download Dragon Land v2.5.5 Mod APK

Dragon Land APK info :
Name : Dragon Land
Version : 2.5.5
Size: 46 MB
Requirements : Android 4.0.3 And UP
Link Download :  Dragon Land APK

Download Dragon Land Mod Apk v2.5.5 Latest Version
password :

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod Full Version for Free

Free Download Mod Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Full Version | Update the latest version of android games this time comes with fun and challenging adventure games on android. Moreover, if not Minecraft Pocket Edition. Who does not know this game fun, Minecraft is one game for Android which is pretty simple, simple and also quite creative and fun. Minecraft Games offers a game of berpetualangan and also collect items and build something that can be played with ease.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod

These games are more narrow and also have fewer enemies if compared to the PC version. This of course as one form of customization of android devices. For the fashion of this game do not differ great ly. And There are several modes such as Survival, Creative Mode to multiplayer games.

Minecraft game Pocket Edition random will give the new world consists only of wood, stone and sand until some other minerals. Display simple picture that became the hall mark of Minecraft it self still present in this game. And there are beams that can be used to create some things in accordance with the imagination. This facility that is rarely found in the game. On the mode of Survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and  beams must be beaten first before in carry. This process of course takes time and also considerable power. And The results of this exertion that makes Survival mode was quite sought after. In this game there are also time itself will distinguish day and night. When the night, evil beings will start popping up. The instinct to save yourself of course will appear in order to survive

In the game Minecraft Pocket Edition is indeed more memorable narrow when compared to the PC version and also console. There is a wall that is not seen around the game thus limiting players to move. While the multiplayer mode that is provided is also less attractive due to the distance to each other. The process of making the stuff in the game Minecraft Pocket Edition is also quite simple. Just simply tap on certain goods that will be directly on the column item. Control of this game is also quite simple. While the Creative mode in this mode will provide the amount of material that has no limits. So no need to dizzy the amount of material will be exhausted.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod

whats new on v0.15.0:
Many bug fixed !
More water watery
Foggier looked fog
Even more particles than previously
Tinted lighting on the field and mass
Improved performance on many devices
Fence More ! More fence gate ! Everyone loves fencing

Mod Game Info :
1. Unlocked premium skins
1. Unlocked premium skins
2. Unlimited breath
3. No damage mod
4. Max Inventory Size
5. 1 hit kill with weapons
6. Infinite furnace fire
7. Max score
8. Indestructible Tools
Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.0 Apk Mod :

Password :

Download Digimon Heroes Apk Full v1.0.13 Latest version

Digimon Heroes Apk Download | Digimon game Heroes is one of the best adventure games android moment right now. The game features a cast of more than 1000 allsta Digimon characters your favorite favorite. In the game Digimon Heroes, you will collect Digimon, build a team, and conquer all the enemy worldwide Digital File Island.

Download Digimon Heroes Apk Full v1.0.13 Latest version

Digimon Heroes had a very unique battle system to make the battle cards. You will be asked to learn and create a digimon becomes very powerful to master. Digimon can do Fuse, against other Digimon and digimon can evolve, did a great combo to destroy the enemy.

Features Digimon Heroes Apk:

Digimon Heroes Apk Info :
Name : Digimon Heroes
Version : v1.0.13
Requirements : Android 2.3.3 and UP

password :

Download Digimon Heros v1.0.13 Apk Latest Version :

Despicable Me Mod Apk+Data v3.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Download Despicable Me Mod Apk Unlimited Money | Android is a smartphone that is very current popular. and an awful lot of games that we can play on the android smartphone. not only the usual games, those games we play HD can also be directly on your android device. and this makes many people liked the android games. and the game now it has become a hobby for many people. No wonder many people often memainan game on their android smartphone.

Despicable Me Apk+Data Unlimited Money

One of the best android games and many downloadable by users of android is Depicable Me Apk. who does not know with games for android this?. This game has been downloaded 100 million more users of android play store. not only that, this game is very easy to play. Despicable me for android is a game created by the developer of famous game, best game i.e. Gameloft. The yellow faithful Minions Gru and naughty are ready to challenge funny. Collecting exotic fruits to make delicious jelly. Jumping, rolling, Dodge and you met each other in a fun and fast mission.

On this occasion, I will share game Despicable Me Unlimited Money Mod Apk. Please download the game below.

Despicable Me Apk Screenshot :
Despicable Me Mod Apk+Data Unlimited Money

Despicable Me Apk Game Info :
Version : 3.1.0
File Size : 200 MB (Apk + Data)
Requirements : Android 2.3 and up

Despicable Me Apk Mods :
Unlimited Token + Banana

How to Install Despicable me Mod Apk data :
  1. go into settings/Scurity/check Unknown Source
  2. then install the Apk File
  3. extract Data file and Copy to SDCARD/Android/Data/here
  4. Enjoy