Naruto Senki APK v1.17

Naruto Senki APK v1.17

Naruto Senki APK Download v1.1.7

Naruto Senki 1.17 APK is one arcade game android for play on android devices. game Naruto Senki released by developer zakume in beta, this game had the quality of graphics that can be said is pretty good and backed up with a very interesting gameplay that will keep you hooked to play this game. There are an awful lot of characters that are available in this game, not just naruto but you can also use other characters like: Itachi, Sasuke, pain or the other. All the characters in the game Naruto Senki 1.17 have the special abilities of each and the same kick-kick the case with movies of naruto.

Naruto Battle Senki system v 1.17 APK:
Training Mode: in this mode you can choose one of the many ninja characters are available. and in the battle later on you will be accompanied by two people chosen at random ninja to fight enemies with the same amount (3 vs 3)

Hardcore Mode: in this mode you can not only choose your whiz, but you can also choose two ninja who will accompany you in the battle. and opponents who will dilawanya any harder than training mode.

How to Unlock/Unlock Hardcore Mode Naruto Senki 1.17 Without MOD:
To unlock the hardcore mode you need to win the battle as much as ten times with at least three characters.

Good character is used in Naruto Senki v 1.17:
  1. Minato (fourth Hokage)
  2. Tobirama Senju
  3. Sasuke uciha
  4. Hiruzen Sarutobi

what's new :
  • The new Naruto Senki 1.17:
  • The new character "Hiruzen Sarutobi"
  • The new character "Kiba Inuzuka" (to open the character kiba must play Online)

requirements : android 2.3.3 and up

Naruto Senki v1.1.7 Apk :

Naruto Senki APK v1.17
File size : 100 MB


Naruto Senki APK v1.17

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Naruto Senki APK v1.17
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